What is a Trishula?

In Hindu mythology the Trishula is a weapon of the gods that embodies Destruction, Creation and Maintenance of the world.

At Trishula Entertainment we apply those elements to our game design, development and consulting services, offering unique support to games at every stage of development.

Destruction speaks to our ability to tear down, assess and audit client projects. Whether your game is at pre release, soft launch or even currently live, the Trishula Entertainment team has the skills and knowledge to provide actionable feedback and direction that will move the needle on industry standard KPIs as well as your specific goals.

Creation involves building games and other IP from the ground up. Trishula Entertainment is available to act as a contract game design house for board/tabletop/analogue games as well as digital offerings, with a focus on the mobile and F2P space. Our team has decades of development experience across these areas and can provide an outside design solution for nearly any project.

Maintenance follows on from creation and into ongoing success. We advise and help grow existing projects: digital games that are in live release, and analogue offerings that need pathways through crowdfunding launch strategies, sequels, and expansions. We know how to give your game the best chance of sustaining and growing its player base over time.

The Trishula Entertainment team loves exploring new projects. If you have a game at any stage of development, or want to know more about who we are and how we work, please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!


We are a full service design studio with the capability to create, craft, and manage a product line to your unique specifications. The core ideals of your brand and IP are essential to you and in turn they are essential to us. We work tirelessly through many design and iteration cycles, as well as play testing to ensure we create a product that fits the overall vision of your property.

• Board Game Design
• Board Game Product Auditing/analysis
• Mobile F2P game system design & analysis


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