Adam has been a veteran of the entertainment industry for over 15 years. During that time he has worked with industry leaders such as Lego, Games Workshop, and Privateer Press. During his career Adam has worked extensively in every aspect of the hobby industry from retail to design and production as well as behind the scenes in corporate management and client relations.



is an award-winning game designer and producer. Rob’s work includes over 100 games that have been commercially published. Game titles include the iconic works WARMACHINE®, HORDES™ and Monsterpocalypse® as well as licensed games such as Star Wars™ Rebel Missions, Justice League Axis of Villains, Disney Eye Found It!®, and Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Master of the Seas™.

In 2003, Rob was one of the first employees of Privateer Press. As Product Line Director and Developer, Rob helped build the foundation and future vision for the company. While at Privateer Press, Rob’s games earned six Origin Awards. Rob has established design, production, and playtest structures for a multitude of games, garnering recognition in the process (including nine Oppenheim Platinum awards, five Oppenheim Gold awards, 11 PAL awards, and one TOTY Game of the Year nomination) and increasing clients’ sales by over 60%. Disney Eye Found It!® was nominated for Game of the Year in the 2015 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY).



Chris is a veteran game designer with 18 years experience and 28 shipped titles under his belt. From casual to console, handheld and mobile to PC, there are very few genres or platforms he hasn’t had his hands on.

Over the course of his career he’s worked extensively with leading brands such as Disney, Marvel, Dreamworks, Pixar, and Hasbro/Transformers. I’ve also built multiple successful original IP projects from concept to ship and through live ops.

For the past 8 years Chris has worked almost exclusively in the mobile space, experiencing the rapid evolution of the various app stores and design best practices first hand. Key strengths include all aspects of free-to-play system design and gameplay, from economy to meta structure to user conversion and retention.


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